Taylored Photography

Taylored Photography is a service that provides professional photography to businesses small and large. Helping on your journey in creating a successful and valued brand.

Why is Professional Photography so important?

A perception of quality

Using professional photography immediately raises the perception of quality associated with your brand.


75% of online shoppers rely on product imagery when making a decision about a potential purchase.

What does this say about the relationship between potential customers and photography?

It says that potential customers like to see what they’re buying online before they do so, and emotionally invest in images they are presented with.

Something to consider...

Think multi-channel! A set of professional images should be versatile and fit for use across all your channels, not just on your website. When having a set of professional photographs created, think of all the different ways you’ll want to use those images; your social media channels, your email marketing campaigns, your print advertising, and all your digital marketing efforts…

Increase traffic to your website

Websites with professional photography receive up to 90% more traffic than websites without. Images on websites contribute to the SEO value of the overall site; their alt tags and descriptions help search engines understand what your website is all about.

Lauren Taylor

 BA (Hons) Photography Graduate Lauren Taylor,  studied at Staffordshire University and has been photographing for several years.

When she's not photographing Products, Events or in a Corporate environment, Lauren's out in the open air satisfying her enthusiasm for the outdoors and exploration - of course with a camera in her hand!

"Enjoy my portfolio."

" You don't take a photograph, 

you make it. "


Tel: 07791 146002

Email: lauren.tayloredphotography@gmail.com